From your needs, to the best solution

Solution and service

Customized solutions for each and every need.
LMA takes care of all pre- and post production aspects, providing its customers with finished products and services that respond to market needs, guaranteeing a relationship of mutual trust.

A group of people who share a common
goal can achieve the impossible

Problem solving & Flexibility

The ability to solve problems, knowledge of products and company policies and good listening skills are the professional tools that LMA puts into play with its customers.
At every stage of the project, LMA works side by side with its customers with competence and professionalism, offering products and services in line with their needs, in order to develop and consolidate a relationship of esteem and trust extended over time.

LMA can also offer tailor-made solutions and customer service (24/7) regarding the entire supply of spare parts.
Ad hoc solutions that can include:

Maintenance (routine and special)

Design to manufacturing cost

100% On time on Quality

LMA has set up close collaboration with its clients, who consider the company a partner that supports the success of their programmes. Right from the design of components, LMA guarantees the best cost-efficiency ratio in terms of production processes and technologies, guaranteeing smooth and uninterrupted service.

The use of the highest level of know-how, in terms of detailed design and production technologies, both for components and equipment, allows efficient management of activities and makes cost savings, shorter delivery times and the achievement of the set objectives possible.

We are a product of your thoughts.

Unique partner

From idea to finished product: LMA takes care of everything.
LMA is able to manage the entire production phase - from the purchasing of raw materials to surface treatment and up to delivery of the finished products - worldwide.