High performance, high


For LMA, quality is a state of mind, the motor that moves all workflows.

Our direction is that of reaching and maintaining high performance standards by constantly obtaining merit programmes.
We work to convey the themes suggested by the various certifications at each level: a spirit of belonging of each person is cultivated at a level of quality that is the key to the improvement of all production processes.
Quality in LMA is an essential combination: product safety and customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, important investments are carried out for excellent coordination of Risk Management.
The LMA supply chain works with a view to continuous improvement; is a company certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and the specific aeronautical standard UNI EN 9100: 2018. This latest regulation has allowed the company to be included in the database of aeronautical suppliers created by the main global companies of the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group).
LMA is also Nadcap accredited for heat treatments since 2009.

From the point of view of Environmental Policies and Business Ethics, our Company adheres to and recognizes the principles and values inherent in the Quality and Environmental Policies that we invite you to download and read. The sharing of these Guidelines that inspire our essence and our organization is the first tangible step of the real construction of a virtuous, sustainable and responsible network.


LMA designs and manages special processes connected to mechanical and assembly activities approved by the most important companies in the sector, who wish to combine multiple services within the same production structure, optimizing time to market and creating greater added value to the supply chain.