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LMA responds to civil and defence market needs manufacturing extremely high precision mechanical parts used on fixed or rotating wing aircraft, as well as on satellites and missiles for the most important national and international clients.

Markets & Partnership

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

LMA has expanded its business by entering industrial contexts that it once considered as very distant.
The opening to new markets was therefore a natural evolutionary process for LMA that allowed to obtain new commercial opportunities with the most important international players in Europe and in the sector.
Internationalization has developed through a gradual process, consisting of a series of steps that have ensured risk mitigation while maintaining control of marketing activities, responsibility for production processes, high quality standards and monitoring of the services offered to end customers.
And this is why, today, LMA not only has major global companies in its customer base, but also represents an important point of reference for them which, going beyond the classic customer-supplier basis, becomes a conscious partnership relationship.

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