The new interconnected world of Industry 4.0.

Interconnected and interdependent

The model of Industry 4.0, which we are all striving for, cannot ignore the fact that every single organisation must take responsibility for the sustainable efficiency and social effectiveness of all its behaviours, including production.

The "International Goals" (Sustainability and Development Goals - SDGs) and other national and international guidelines illuminate our steps and our corporate sustainability goals.

Nobody can do it alone.

But in order for them to be more than just words, it is necessary that everyone also takes Responsibility for the Care of others and for the care of their surroundings. The ISO26000 guides us on this path of healthy interconnection and healthy interdependence.

The UN Agenda 2030 Programme.


Every world is a country; every company is a planet

There are 17 International Goals which, at least since 2015, according to the intentions of the United Nations (the "2030 Agenda" programme), serve as a beacon for organisations wishing to be faithful to the founding principles and values for the protection of humanity and the planet.

Specifically, the international objectives expressed in the SDGs, which apply to both countries and companies (and according to which LMA bases its strategy and subsequent operations), can be divided according to the categories detailed here, which LMA intends to use as primary beacons in its business activities.

17 International Goals

From good intentions to right actions.

The ISO26000

Enterprises live in society

The principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are fundamentally based on the following cornerstones, themes aimed at regulating practices and processes identified for the execution of strategies and planning:

  • climate change and biological risk;
  • population growth with consequent resource depletion;
  • change in the legislative environment to support a business- and consumer-friendly market;
  • responsible consumption (with appropriate supply chains);
  • focus on respecting future expectations (Millenials... Zeta, Alpha and following generations...);
  • circular economy and Industry 4.0.
  • LMA adheres to the responsible logic of "Profit+Purpose": profit, the absolutely inalienable driving force of a company, should not be experienced only in the short term, nor as a goal for exclusive or subjective advantage.
    Solving collective problems and issues is the real plus of a company's production: it is "the purpose" that defines a company's profit. And that defines our particular concept of business.

    'LMA - SDGs'