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Every day at LMA...

we challenge ourselves to be better, to redefine what is possible and to do more through increased efficiency and effectiveness. To accomplish this, we rely on the fundamentals that have consistently delivered results: performance, innovation, responsibility, opportunity and vision. We are firmly convinced that the doing is often more important than the outcome. Success, for us, is not simply a destination. It’s a continuous journey made of perseverance, talent, ethics and vision. Based on these factual beliefs which have always been part of LMA’s culture we take the commitment to be leader in all we do by putting the Customer at the heart of our business. We don’t want just simply wait the future. We’d like to forge our own destiny by leveraging on ingenuity, resourcefulness and responsiveness towards the market needs.

Big goals – Big results.

Fulvio Boscolo - CEO
Fulvio Boscolo

Our Plus.

It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.

LMA's competitive advantages

We are always a step ahead.

The offer of integrated services and constant research in the field of technological innovation, combined with financial stability and an ethical code applied to business, enables us to have a clear competitive advantage in the market.

Integrated services.

Always ready and available to handle every type of request with maximum efficiency.

Thanks to specific experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector, LMA offers its clients global service, characterized by qualified assistance in all departments, greater efficiency of the overall system and complete structural management of the programs.

Innovative technology.

Progress cannot exist without innovation.

Every year LMA invests in the study and development of new processes and technologies, with a considerable financial commitment for the purchase of the most modern and reliable production and control machines.

Company solidity.

A deeply-rooted company.

Thanks to the management of the Boscolo family, which founded the company in 1970 and is now in its second generation, LMA boasts consolidated corporate stability, an important guarantee for all customers who rely on its services.

Business Ethics.

A universe of people and shared values.

Since its foundation, LMA has been working to create an environment of mutual trust by promoting an ethical business code that is based on individual integrity and responsibility, rewarding performance excellence.

Industry 4.0

Being at the forefront is the essence of LMA. Always.

A new way of looking at industrial production. Smart production, Smart Service, Smart Energy are the three pillars of Industry 4.0, an important focus of LMA for several years now. Optimization of processes, the environment and working conditions, to create new businesses and increase productive efficiency.
These are just some of the aspects on which LMA is focusing: being pioneers to be first to reach goals!

Tier 1 Global Supplier

Working constantly and hard leads to great results.

LMA is Tier 1 of the world's largest players in the Aerospace sector.
Dedication, seriousness and commitment have made our company a reliable and consolidated partner for the large groups that rely on us to create quality products and, at the same time, guarantee integrated service.

Since 1970

We are LMA

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Straight up to the sky and ever higher, up in to the space.

Research & Development

"We work constantly to stay ahead."

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Our success is the achievement of ever new goals

Quality First

Every product made at LMA factories is subjected to strict quality standards and certified by tests and inspections.
LMA is synonymous with Quality. A constructive philosophy that has the ambition to continually reach par excellence goals.
In this qualitative process, LMA’s diverse certifications and achievements are not only the confirmation of the company’s skills and the guarantee of maximum company professionalism, but also reflect LMA’s constant commitment towards the achievement of ever new objectives.

Certifications 1809001, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, EN9100:2018 and NADCAP for thermal treatment.

Honor is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned.

Business Ethics

Additive Manufacturing

Innovation is creativity with a job to do.

Certainly the challenge of the new millennium. A new industrial revolution
that is changing not only production, but also design, making geometries that were, until recently,
unthinkable, possible.